Career Opportunities – Japan

Career Opportunities – Japan

Message from the CEO

The history of entertainment, and games in particular, is the history of continuous innovation through creativity. As a professional group in the field of gaming, we adopted this slogan to serve as our starting point when we founded BANDAI NAMCO Studios. Innovation, particularly discontinuous innovation, is born from boldly attempting to reach goals that initially seem impossible.

The path to achieving these goals is by no means smooth. It requires the discovery of hypotheses based on creativity and curiosity unconstrained by convention, the drive to make the most of available technology and verify it on a small scale, and the insatiable passion for gaming that fuels devotion to ideas until they achieve full acceptance by the wider world.

As the entertainment world continues to undergo dramatic changes, BANDAI NAMCO Studios will itself become part of these changes to maintain its position as a group that gives rise to future innovation, hand in hand with its companions worldwide.

All this is so that we can provide content that brings surprises and new forms of fun to people around the world.

中谷 始 (Nakatani Hajime)

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